Healthcare Marketing Solutions

mms provides the following healthcare marketing solutions for your specific projects to ensure that they are customized to not only meet your goals and objectives, but exceed them. By optimizing emails and direct mail per best practices, and previewing and testing prior to sending, campaigns result in greater success, more conversions, and higher ROI.

Email Broadcast Services

mms has provided healthcare professional email data since 1998. We have performed over 30,000 email broadcasts over the last 20+ years. Our extensive experience and industry knowledge continue to position us as the leader in healthcare marketing.

HTML Email Design/Creative Consultation

Postcards, pdfs, or direct mail pieces can be coded as email messages. Mobile-responsive emails, newsletters, and landing pages can be created, personalized, and optimized per best practice standards to incite engagement, responses, and results.

Rendering Preview Services

View how your emails render in over 40 different email clients and across multiple devices. Ensure that your messages are mobile-responsive, navigation-friendly, and render correctly no matter what email client or device is being used to open them.

NOWW Service/Email Broadcast Tool

Identify target audiences, download mailings lists, and perform email broadcasts NOWW!

mms’ Names Online Without Waiting (NOWW) Service/Email Broadcast Tool (EBT) provides you the freedom and flexibility to personally manage your email and direct mail healthcare marketing when and where you want. NOWW, a cloud-based client portal, provides 24/7 online, secure access to:

  • Identify target audiences for email broadcasts or direct mail list campaigns
  • Access leading healthcare association data sets that are updated daily/weekly
  • Query multiple data fields with an easy point-and-click interface including state of birth, license, residency training, medical school, and many more
  • Save and edit query features
  • Reference saved order histories for two years
  • Purge your data sets from your databases for direct marketing purposes (email addresses and terrestrial matches)
  • Purge email addresses from databases and identify target audiences
  • Look up physician profiles
  • Utilize email behavior features to target previous opens, click-thru’s, or received recipients of multiple mailings to target responsive email recipients
  • Create and perform your own email broadcast mailing (upload HTML content, spam check, test and schedule mailing with resend(s))
  • Run Count Reports broken out by different demographics to help analyze and target the right audience
  • Retrieve Email Analytic Reports

Email Deliverability

Data is the deliverability difference and mms continues to maintain an unsurpassed 98% deliverability rate by performing all the "behind-the-scenes" activities:

Send-time Optimization and Preferred Email Addresses

When is the best time to send emails?

  • When HCPs are in their inbox checking mail

How do you determine the preferred email address?

  • By the address HCPs engage with most

Our proprietary, state-of-the-art technology allows us to:

  • Identify when HCPs are most likely to open their email
  • Target HCPs at the email address they open most frequently

By capturing this key behavioral data and integrating it into our delivery system, HCPs receive your message when they want and on the devices they prefer - right message, right time, right place - for maximum engagement and results.

IP Reputation and Blacklist

mms performs regular reviews of our top domain deliverability and monitors blacklists, authentication protocols, and reputation services to verify and ensure that Med-E-Mail is a trusted sender. To uphold our high IP reputation, sender scores on our IP Addresses are reviewed on a daily basis and IP addresses are verified to make sure they are not blacklisted.

Spam Score Review

Spam score reviews are performed on every email deployment to ensure that your message successfully makes it into the inbox and is not trapped in a spam folder.

Direct Mail Lists

Direct mail continues to be a key component in the healthcare marketing mix, especially when used in conjunction with email. In addition to seeing a message in the inbox, the enhancement and effectiveness of a campaign is heightened when your message is physically delivered into the hands of your target audience. Eye-catching direct mail gets noticed, read, and acted upon with an impressive 4.4% average response rate. Therefore, whether you are marketing using a single mailing, progressive mailings, or coordinating with email deployments, your strategic and creative options are unlimited.

mms provides quality association and compiled data sets to meet all of your healthcare marketing needs including direct mail. Check out our many data lists.

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