Email Deployments

Deliver your email message to healthcare professionals quickly and cost effectively.  Reach Physicians, PAs, Nurse Practitioners and many other Allied Professionals with emails deployed on your behalf or right from your desktop with NOWW Platform. Whether you’re sending a single email or deploying an email campaign including multiple sends and re-sends, solutions can be customized to meet your specific needs. From beginning to end, we will work with you to target your ideal prospect, deliver your message, review key metrics, and achieve positive results.

Re-Send Programs

Surveys show that physicians receive healthcare marketing information 2-3 times before they act. Re-send deployments ensure that your message gets into the inbox of your target audience multiple times using automation based on behavior analytics. Re-sends are a great tool to build relationships and increases engagement with HCPs.

NOWW Platform

mms’ NOWW Platform is a web-based marketing platform that provides you the freedom and flexibility to personally manage your digital healthcare marketing when and where you want. 24/7 secure access enables you to identify target audiences, perform email broadcasts, and much more right from your desktop.


Email Marketing Services


A/B Subject Line Testing

A/B testing allows you to compare two versions of the same email with varying subject lines to see which performs better with samples of your audience before sending to your entire list. Testing can show clear differences in how your audience responds to different subject line types, wording, or length. This insight enables you to make the right adjustments needed to optimize your email to its fullest. A slight tweak could have a great impact on opens, clicks, page views, conversions, and the campaign overall.

Engagement Reports

Track your success with detailed Med-E-Mail Analytics Reports that deliver measurable results at aggregate and individual HCP levels.

Standard Email Broadcast Report
Aggregate view of email performance displays opens, click thru’s, sent, suppressed, hard bounces, and soft bounces, providing a net deliverability rate. Digital engagement measures time spent viewing the message, platforms, and top devices used.

Lead-Scored Prospects/Phone Follow-up Report
Builds on the standard report but goes into more depth with viewing measurements and lead quality scoring of highly interested recipients with phone numbers. Beneficial to recruiters in finding and reaching out to the most qualified and interested prospects.

Enhanced Engagement Reports
Provide a detailed look at the individual recipients NPI # and/or ME # level and recipients  actual behaviors.

HTML Email Design/Creative Consultation

Mobile-responsive emails, newsletters, and landing pages can be created and coded from postcards, pdfs, or direct mail pieces. Each creative is personalized and optimized per best practice standards to incite engagement, responses, and results. Contact us for more information.

Preview Service

View how your emails render in over 40 different email clients and across multiple devices. Ensure that your messages are mobile-responsive, navigation-friendly, and render correctly no matter what email client or device is being used to open them.


Email Deliverability


Quality healthcare databases are what makes the difference when it comes to email deliverability. mms continues to maintain an unsurpassed 98% deliverability rate by performing all the necessary "behind-the-scenes" activities

Updates and Validation

State-of-the-art technology performs real-time, daily data scrubbing to ensure the highest level of accuracy and seamless deliverability.  Hard bounces, soft bounces, and opt-outs are removed promptly to provide you with the most current and cleanest email marketing lists.

Monthly email validation following industry standards, checks email addresses to confirm that accounts actually exist and are accepting email. Typos and misspellings are corrected as well as syntax, format, and top-level domain errors. Our email marketing lists are protected from damaging addresses including spam traps, honeypots, frequent spam complainers, role accounts, disposable domains, malicious entries, and bogus addresses.

Send-Time and Preferred Address Optimization

Our proprietary, state-of-the-art technology allows us to identify when HCPs are most likely to open their email and target HCPs at the email address they open most frequently.

By capturing this key behavioral data and integrating it into our delivery system, HCPs receive your message when they want and on the device they prefer - right message, right time, right place - for maximum engagement and results.

IP Reputation and Blacklist

mms performs regular reviews of our top domain deliverability and monitors blacklists, authentication protocols, and reputation services to verify and ensure that Med-E-Mail is a trusted sender. To uphold our high IP reputation, sender scores on our IP Addresses are reviewed on a daily basis and IP addresses are verified to make sure they are not blacklisted.

Spam Score Review

Spam score reviews are performed on every email deployment to ensure that your message successfully makes it into the inbox and is not trapped in a spam folder.